[Closed] Followed Shows disappeared (Roku and web broser)

My followed shows are all gone. I first noticed on Roku (says I should add a show and Explore Viki). So I logged in on my browser to see if it was just an issue with the Roku app and it's an issue on the website as well. I can search for a title and click "follow" and it switches to "following," but that show doesn't appear in my followed shows list. My watch history appears to be fine.

Didn't see any recent posts on it, so wanted to report it in case it's not a known issue yet.

U.S. region. VikiPassStandard. Shows still play. Everything is taking just a tiny bit longer to load, but that could be my internet too.



  • I noticed that my Watch List is missing. I even added something to it. It shows that I added it but if I go to the list it is empty. The other lists that I had set up are showing.

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  • Hi there fincarter_608 & txvaughns3_969,

    We were having some issues over the weekend that would have been fixed now. Please let me know if you still face this issue.

    If so, do send me a screenshot so that we can help better :)


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