[Closed] HELP! Does anyone know how to contact Viki by email?

I tried searching foe topics regarding my concerns on the support tab but can't find any thus far. I tried DM via IG and tagging them on Twitter but I can't get a response yet. Does anyone know of the email address I can contact them with? Thanks!



  • On my Roku and Fire Stick devices in both instances the Viki app is constantly reloading. I’m able to stream Netflix and YouTube without any problems. What’s the issue with Viki. I am a paying member not being able to watch anything for the constant interruptions with reloading. HELP!!!

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  • Hi, please teach us how to watch movies/dramas on our TV (Samsung 1080).  We can only watch on our iphone and ipad.  Thank you.

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  • I'd like to know too.

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  • In the terms of use you will find the link for requests and an e-mail address


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