[Closed] Remove Restrictions for paid Viki subscribers because you may lose them.

A lot of shows that were not restricted have now become restricted on Viki, this is ridiculous since I am paying for the Viki Pass Plus, if this continue you are going to lose a lot of your subscribers, paid subscribers should not have Regional Restrictions or it should be very minimal, I never had that issue with Drama Fever, please content providers and Viki, remove the restrictions for your paid subscribers on Viki.com, Android and IOS, and please provide better support for our volunteer subbers, they are doing a wonderful job and need your full support. 



  • Hi there,

    Thanks for contacting Viki Community Support. We're truly sorry that you feel this way!

    For more information on why you are seeing the 'Not Available in Your Region' message, please click here.

    If you'd like to request a specific show in your geographic region, please fill out this form. Our content team will see your request, and we'll try our hardest to license the show in your region in the future.

    For more info on the licensing process, as well as regional licensing, please check out this blog post written by our CEO.

    What I can suggest though, is that you work towards becoming a QC! Qualified Contributors, or "QCs," are able to contribute to and watch most videos, regardless of regional availability. Learn more about how to become a QC here

    Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any other questions.


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