[Closed] Cannot view drama on Viki on Android set top box

I have been watching a Korean drama on a Chrome browser on an Android set top box. Today it stopped working and said I had to get the app from the play store because mobile browsers are no longer supported. However, when I go to the play store, it says that it is not compatible with my device. This sounds like a Catch22. BTW, I paid for a Viki Pass subscription.



  • Since it is the weekend it's unlikely for Viki staff to be here.

    I found some posts that might give you the needed information.

    Hope you will be able to enjoy Viki again.




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  • Hi there!

    Thanks for getting in touch with us.

    Due to app compatibility issues, we are unfortunately unable to support issues on older devices that don’t have the current device requirements needed for the app (Android 4.1 or higher and/or iOS 6.0).

    There are also 2 other possible reasons why you might not be able to install the app on your device:

    1. Your device is currently not certified by Google. For more information on whether your device is certified, please visit: https://www.android.com/certified/partners/

    2. Your device is rooted and/or does not support DRM playback.

    I hope this helps! 



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