[Closed] Negotiator no subtitles it says 100% English there is none



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    Not to cause any misunderstanding I am not an employee from Viki.

    Just as a volunteer I want to understand where do you see the information that it is 100% subbed?

    I am using a PC and it doesn't give me that information. Instead, I looked at the main page of the channel and it says this:


    Episode 1-23 released to all languages - means till there the subtitles are edited.

    Welcome2life is an on-air drama, how could it be 100% subbed?

    The Guardian has released the 40 episodes to other languages, so it is fully translated. I checked the last episode and subtitles seemed to be okay.

    Return the World to You is another on-air channel - episodes 1-10 had their final English edit, the other episodes 11-16 are in the process.

    What device do you use?

    Where do you see the information of 100% subbed?

    You don't see any subtitles or only some at certain episodes/channels?

    About the Viki community of volunteers, it has been so since Viki started as viikii, which has been a long way about a decade. Why can't you accept a system that has been around for so long?

    I am sorry you don't like how Viki works, I always liked the idea of people from around the globe to join in their hobby and spent time together helping others to get to know a content they probably wouldn't if it weren't for Viki. It's sad that you can't appreciate that.

    Anyway, if you could be more precise about what offends you that much, than provide more information/screen shots if possible. It might anger you, if I add this but subtitles in neither language are included in your contract with Viki.


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