The Coming Soon Bug, please give it a higher priority!

I decided to make this post in the hopes Viki finally gives this issue a higher priority so it will be fixed after 3+ months! Yes I wrote the help center but they marked it as solved while it isn’t so let’s try here.

Please if you have the same issue please vote up and file a help request: also if you don’t have this issue feel free to vote up to raise more awareness.


The bug:

For various drama the different video encodings is causing episodes to be released at differing times, thus allowing some users to access episodes earlier than others. Meaning there is a delay on when you can see the episode on Viki. For some it might be on coming soon while others can already watch and work on it. From what I gathered the video is first up for South America, then USA and then Europe.


Why is this a problem? :

Due this bug there where already 2 projects I couldn’t work on as a segger and who knows which other upcoming projects I cannot work on. Also it’s very annoying that you keep waiting for it to be uploaded and then you realize it’s up but you cannot see it yet. And if you use a link that should work it gives an error. So if an episode should be up around 7-8PM on Monday it will not be up for me until Tuesday morning when all segging work is already done. This also affects the subbers who cannot get into the tools to sub in English resulting in more delays before the English sub is complete.  And that is resulting in more angry viewers who demand subs.


It has been 3+ months already, how much longer will it take?!

If you have the same issue file a Help Request and if you have the issue on an other drama please post here too.

List of drama that suffers or suffered from the bug:

  • The Secret Life of My Secretary
  • Angel’s Last Mission: Love
  • I Wanna Hear Your Song
  • Everything and Nothing




  • 正式评论

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your patience. We looked into it and this actually not a bug.

    We confirmed that it is due to multiple streams for a video for different regions. For example, a different stream file for Americas vs. Europe, etc. Additionally, this is affected by video encoding and editing process, so streams will be available earlier or later for some people.

    I hope this helps to give you all a better understanding!

    Viki Community Team

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  • Yes, it's been happening to me as well. 

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  • Yes. I am in the Us and even though I could not work on new episodes I could see from Team Discussion that other team members had already sagged the episode hours earlier. 

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  • But can Viki then make sure that the encoding of EU is is sync with US? I don't get why this isn't seen as a bug as this has never happened before until recently.

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