Viki Android App not working on Samsung S8+ after May 16.

Already sent a support desk ticket (request ID #618982 ) and also a ticket via the Android App itself.  My viki account seems to be linked to the app, but the app stopped loading any shows, my watch history is no longer available and if I log out, I cannot log back in unless I uninstall and re-install the app.  I've sent screenshots, followed ALL support desk suggested steps.  My phone is a VERIZON Samsung S8+ that is not rooted nor jailbroken.  


I was told to follow the community posts, but I don't see anything in here that currently matches this description, so unsure if any other subscribers are encountering the same issues.  My app was working on May 15 (US Pacific Daylight Time) and stopped working on my phone on May 16 (US pacific daylight time) abruptly and is still out of commission.  


I can access Viki on my Dell and apple laptops, but just wanted to report malfunction on the android app on Samsung S8+.



  • The same issues are occurring with the Samsung  note 9. I can load the app but cannot access it.  I have sent emails to viki support center and have received no response.

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