Says I have to wait 345+ days for a new episode!!

I have been a subscribe to Viki for many years now and have grown to watch all my dramas here, but due to this new issue I keep finding other apps that I have to fish out just to watch one episode. My favorite shows like running man which I having been watching since Ep 1 of first season, and have continued to do so on Viki later now says I have to wait a year for a the new episode that used to be available ever week or two weeks. This is also happening to under19 and many other shows. I am not sure if this is a bug or issue with my account or if it is how Viki set it, but I do not like the new system of waiting a year for a new episode. Please change... thank you and hope you can help.



  • Hi there! 
    As Viki Ideas is meant for feature suggestions, we’ll be moving this to the Bugs & Issues page instead.
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