[Solved] mute button STUCK, cannot control volume

while playing viki.com on my mac computer, which I have been doing perfectly fine for several years, 
suddenly-- the volume control does NOT move, slide up (or down) because it is STUCK on MUTE,
the volume control is permanently stuck on mute. 

the volume control problem is only happening in viki.com and it is not a problem of my computer sound or buttons in my computer because the volume problem only happens with viki.com.  
I have perfect sound in all other applications or websites. the volume/mute problem only happens with viki.com.

no matter how many times i reload viki.com, or restart the safari application or turn on/off my computer-- the mute button is always in mute.  

I've been having this problem for 27 days now, and reporting and writing multiple times about it and no-one at viki has been able to help.  some person wrote that I had to move my volume control but the volume control DOES NOT MOVE BECAUSE IT IS STUCK.  please help solve this problem which is NOT RESOLVED yet and I do not understand how it can be reported as solved…  

i have cancelled my two subcriptions beause of technical issues that have not been resolved in over 26 days and wish for a FULL refund.  if you can resolve this matter promplly, I will cancel or undo the cancellation and would be happy to remain a subscriber to viki.com, but not now without volume (or volume stuck in mute) and no reasonable and prompt help from viki.com.


  • Hi eorders888_718,

    Sorry that the previous response did not help. As you'd not responded on the previous post, I'd thought the problem was solved after you turned up the volume button. I was unaware of the volume button being stuck.

    If the volume button is stuck, please try the following:

    1. Clear the cache and cookies on Safari
    2. Close the browser and restart it again
    3. Try again from another browser (ex. Chrome, Mozilla)

    Also, if you're not able to use your mouse to move the volume button, you can also try controlling it with your keyboard. To do so, please click anywhere within the player area and press the up arrow keys to increase the player volume.

    Let me know how it goes, especially if you continue to experience issues with the volume button after trying these steps!


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