[Closed] Issue with time episodes are promised

Wok of love episodes 34-38 have been promised in 1 day for five days now if its going to take 5 days or 10 days, its better to be accurate.  Also, screen freezes constantly on all VIKI shows I watch..sometimes I have to refresh up to every minute.  I watch other streaming sites without this issue



  • Hi sweetkat758_866,

    Sorry to hear you have been experiencing these issues.

    I checked Wok of Love and see that Ep 34-36 have now been released and are now available for non-Viki Pass Plus users as well. Ep 37&38 should be released in another day. If you continue to see that it's still behind Viki Pass Plus tomorrow, please let me know.

    Also, with regards to the problem you're experiencing with the screen freezing, please take these actions whenever you encounter this issue.

    1. At the bottom of the video player, next to the volume icon, go to Settings > Report Video Issues
    2. Check the relevant categories and write any additional details and click Submit. This will automatically send us useful information that will help us debug what might be causing the issue you're experiencing.

    Please reply to this to let me know after you submit the report. Also, a short video of the issues you're experiencing is very useful for helping us see what the problem is.


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