Project finder page needs improvement



All projects tab (for subbers)

- Get rid of the link to Subtitle Editor, as it encourages newbies to directly go there and sub, probably without even reading guidelines etc. Replace it with a link to the drama’s main page. 
Include a specific requirement to contact CMs or mods first. 
- if it’s a subber, they shouldn’t contact the CM but the designed language Moderator first and CM as last resort… Therefore, instead of linking to the CM, just take them to the drama’s main page and tell them to find out if there is a moderator for their language.

- Nowadays C.M.s are complaining that wannabe subbers of all the world's languages write to them, instead of to the moderators, because of this link in Project Finder. 

- Don't include trailers and other clips in the unsubbed videos. This may lure wannabe subbers to dramas where the team is already complete, just because they didn't sub a 30-second teaser. 

- Sometimes the "unsubbed" videos are only videos just uploaded of on-air dramas, where team subbers are working on. What's the point in pointing the newbies to those?
It would be cool to have a button where the Moderators can declare that they don't want that drama to be included in the Project Finder because the team is complete. 

Recently Assigned Channels

Add another tab “Recently Assigned Channels” so that volunteers, either Moderators or segmenters and subbers can find Recently Assigned Channels all in one place. Where "recently" can mean "the last two weeks" or “the last week” or this month.
If you create a Recently Assigned Channels tab, it would be easy to include a “Write to the Channel Manager” link for wannabe moderators, just as there is one for subbers in the All Projects page. Because moderators are the only ones who whould be writing to the Channel Manager. 


Channel Manager Application tab
It needs lots of improvement

1. More information about each show: 
a. Add year of release of each show so that we can know which ones are old and which ones are not.
b. Add “existing” and “upcoming” to know which ones are already uploaded on viki and which ones do not have uploaded videos yet
c. Add number of episodes. Very important! A short web drama is not the same as a 50-episode family drama.

2. Rename “Channel Manager Application” to “Channel Manager/Moderator Application” and add a link to “Moderator Application” on the bottom of each thumbnail. Then, when the Channel Manager is chosen, send him/her the names of those who applied for Moderator position. 

3. Implement a “Notify me” button, so that you can ask to get notifications

a) the moment new shows are added to the Project Finder and which they are, by country.
b) the moment a Channel Manager is chosen for a particular show.

4. On the Channel Manager Application, show us when the channel was uploaded and how much time is left from the two weeks window for application. 

5. CTRL+ click on a channel's thumbnail on Project Finder does not allow me to open the channel in a new tab, as it should, but changes my page to the drama's page and if I want to return to Project Finder,  I have to use the back button. This should be fixed. 

6. I would like new channels to be created and added at a certain date (for instance, each 1st of the month), so that we wouldn't have to visit Project Finder every day.
In the Help section it is written: Every month, new channels will be pre-created by Viki before shows are slated to air, which you will be able to find in the Project Finder, under a new “Channel Managers” tab.
I understand this to mean that channels are created every month, but the show might be slated for airing in many months' time.
Does it mean that viki does not create new channels continuously, at the moment a new show is announced, but they all appear simultaneously at a certain date every month? Because this is not clear, people have to visit Project Finder so often.



  • Many people, in the past, have voiced the same concerns. A recent one is here:

    评论操作 固定链接

    To Viki:

    3. & 6. For new channels:

    It's possible to have a notification for new channels added on Viki + make it a tab +  post it somewhere so we can refer to this post and date (if creating channels at 01/01/X is bothering them) for:

    New channels (without CM)

    New channels (with CM) 


    To Irmar:

    "2. Then, when the Channel Manager is chosen, send him/her the names of those who applied for Manager position." 

    I don't understand the purpose behind this? Can you explain more Irmar?


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  • The Project Finder should not include projects for "English" subs which already have hard subbed English subs.  For example, La Dolce Vita.  I have received many requests to sub the series in English but it is completely hard subbed in English.  When La Dolce Vita was uploaded, I asked the viki staff to please label each episode as 100% English but they have never responded.  Instead, it's STILL in the project finder as a Korean drama which needs English subs so I have to continue to tell new users to please look at the videos before they write requests to join the team.
    I know the following drama's episodes are fully subbed in English and several other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and French:  Tunnel, Naked Fireman, Fantastic, Neighborhood Hero, Signal, Lucky Romance, Oh My Ghostess, Memory, Reply 1988, Cheese in the Trap, Moorim Schook, Legendary Witch, My Secret Hotel, but all of those titles are in the Project Finder as needing subbers from Korean to English, usually because one of several trailers was not subbed.  (i worked on all of those channels and perhaps that's why I have such a volume of requests to subtitle). We don't usually sub teasers and trailers which are uploaded AFTER the series is uploaded on viki and I can't recall seeing any complaint from a viewer that the teasers or trailers were not subbed.    And, some, like Legendary Witch's trailer, have English hard subs.    If the project seeker were advised to look at the video she wouldn't be sending useless messages to volunteer.
    A good reason not to go back to a completed series to sub the trailers in English is that the overwhelming proportion of them have English trailers on youtube.   I do not wish to put a subber on just for these trailers when the series was completely years ago and I am not on the channel daily to supervise a casual volunteer.  

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  • @cgwm808 

    Oh yes, the trailers, teasers, clips, previews...  There are some shows which overwhelm us with them. If you look at the Hwayugi page there is an insane number of such material. Some of it only a minute or less but there are some which are quite lengthy. Interviews, behind the scenes. The English team is becoming crazy subbing all of it. Some of these videos are terribly, terribly boring. The only reason I bother translating them is just what you mentioned. I had a couple of wannabe Italian subbers asking me to translate a trailer or shoutout.  I cannot even imagine how many such requests you must have, with the number of shows you've done over the years. 

    There should be a button where moderators can say they don't want this drama to be included in Project Finder because the team is complete. 

    It's better to have an opt-out rather than done automatically, because some moderators might actually welcome even newbies, if it's an unpopular video where nobody wants to work. 

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  • @piranna. I meant "Moderators". Thanks for pointing it out, I corrected it!

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