Customize our home page

It is obvious that people have different tastes, and you cannot make a starting page which will satisfy everybody.  With this in mind, why not let each user customize their home page, which would appear when they log in?

Suggestion 1: There could be "blocks" one can choose to include or not include. 

For  instance, I personally would eliminate all references to clips, DIY and vlogs, as well as variety. 
A mobile user with limited bandwidth might choose to have much less pictures generally - or not at all. 

Suggestion 2: Among the "blocks" there could be a place where we drag and drop links to the shows we're currently watching, with updates on each:

  • airs in X time (not absolute time like 21:30 but relative time like "in 2 hours 30 minutes"
  • new episode uploaded
  • watched/unwatched
  • whether subbed at 100%
  • whether released to Other Languages

    This would be useful so that we don't have to keep that show's page always open and go to refresh it every now and then. 

It would also help lessen the sub whiners. 

Suggestion 3: The "Suggested for you" REALLY needs an overhawl. It includes genres I've never watched in my life, let alone on viki, and dramas I have watched more than once, or others I'm working on. 

Instead, it should be based on my viewing history, just as places like Amazon create suggestions (quite successfully) based on the pages I have visited and the items I have bought. 

I don't particularly care about the Suggested for You feature. But if you must have it, then it should be working better than that. 

Suggestion 4: The Featured Community Team is completely useless. Eliminate it! Featured because of what? It seems just a random selection of any working team, without any criteria, and giving no useful info of any kind. I would certainly suppress this. In its place, to the right, instead of at rock bottom, there should be the most prolific subbers and segmenters but in two separate lists. 



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