[Closed] Viki inbox necessary improvements

I know that many have already written about the Viki inbox. Some ideas I like better, some I don't. So here is my take on the subject. You will find my approach much simpler. I don't want you to build Microsoft Outlook all over again. But there are some things which are essential in my opinion


a. Make lines more tightly spaced so that there is a greater number of messages showing. 

b. Always show exact dates, not "X days/weeks/months ago". 

c. When you delete one or more messages on a past page (any which is not the latest), then you are automatically taken to the inbox. Please fix that, it's very annoying. You want to continue working on cleaning up your inbox by going back, page after page. If one wants to go back to inbox (landing page), there is already a nice button to click. 

d. When you send a group message from a show's Manage Page, it shouldn’t show on Sent Messages as a zillion separate messages, but just as one message with all the names of recipients. If someone replies to it and you start a conversation with this user, then it can appear separately.


a. Contacts and contact lists.

Sometimes viki usernames are difficult to remember (there are some users who take a wicked pleasure of adding random letters and numbers to their username).
Suggestion : A contact list/address book. As soon as we reply to someone there should be a little button "Add to contact list".
The possibility of adding them to groups even better. For instance, members of teams we are working on etc.

b. Topics 

Giving us the possibility to type topics/subjects to our messages is only useful if we can then filter by topic.

c. Filters

We should be able to see messages by

  • date of last reply (default, with latest on top)
  • to
  • from
  • topic

d. Search

A search feature, with the choice to search either in subjects only or everywhere, including in the body of the messages. 

Either from the filter by topic or from the search, we could delete all the dozens of identical group messages we sent to our teams to announce an episode was released. They would be all grouped together, and we could delete page after page after page


a. More space

Nowadays there is a bug when composing a message. 
horizontally: the text doesn't wrap, it continues on the right outside the window, so you don't know whether you typed something or not. 
vertically: the writing field is so limited that you have to scroll up and down to see the previous or next part of your message. And there isn't even a scrollbar, you have to do it with arrows.

Suggestion: Make a larger window which can contain all the text we are writing on both sides and which can extend to show all our message. Let our screen be the limit. 

b. Formatting 

Give us the possibility, just as here and in Discussions, to format a bit and include pictures and links. One can do it if one knows html, so under the surface the possibility already exists. Just add some buttons for it.




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  • I just noticed that the compose window for new messages now can be extended at will by dragging the corners with the mouse.  Well, the extended part is not white but it is like writing on the pale blue page background, but who cares? The important thing is that now you can see the whole message you're writing. 

    Thanks to whoever listened to us and took care of this important and most urgent improvement. 
    part of the suggestions. 

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  • ARG! Again it doesn't work! They took back the improvement. Now it is just as it was before. It doesn't wrap properly, there are cut words on both sides, and if your message is long you don't see the beginning. See here how the beginning is missing because I pressed enter to go down? And about 2 characters are missing, especially on the right side. 

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  • There was a survey yesterday, sent by Viky, which asked a few (very few) questions about how much we use our inbox to communicate with each other. 

    It supposedly is for the purpose of making improvements. I hope they take into account the things we've been asking for repeatedly. 

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  • Agreed!

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  • I totally agree. The inbox here is an absolute disaster. 

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