New Pin Requirement = Account Cancellation

If I need to enter a pin every time I want to access Viki content, I'll be cancelling my account after 4 years.  These recent updates have caused so much extra WORK (they suddenly stopped working and now block my VPN), EXPENSE (had to buy two new Firesticks) and much undue STRESS (no opt-out option and no advance notice of the change).  

This kind of policing feels inappropriate and highly controlling for a streaming service.  I am not a child and don't appreciate being treated like one.  Time to move on.



  • It wouldn’t be so bad if the pin system actually worked , but it doesn’t. I have tried several times to set a pin , but it just asks me to start again. Hopeless. Ps Tried your chat box too. Hopeless

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  • No resolution in sight. My complaint shows 'resolved' but what that really means is that someone from VIKI responded to me via email to advise me there is no other option at this time. There is no solution or work-around. Unfortunately, my account just renewed, paid in full for another year, so I'm stuck with a streaming service I can't use. There won't be a repeat, that's for sure.

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