Viki Standard Pass limit of One Device Streaming.

One of my favorite features of the Viki app is participating in the timed comments. Prior to February 22, 2023, I was able watch Viki on my TV and use my android phone to simultaneously stream the episode so I could partake in the timed commentary. I am unable to reply from my TV so I would use my phone to stream and reply as the screen is too small to comfortable watch with my 58 year old eyes🤓. Now I am no longer able to enjoy the timed commentary participation because of the new 1 device only streaming limit. The current use of 1 device for Viki Standard Pass accounts greatly hinders my user enjoyment and I truly hope Viki will reconsider 2 device streaming for Viki Standard Pass users. I didn't realize how much I enjoy and miss using this feature until I could no longer use it. Thank you for introducing so many of us to the world of Asian Dramas.


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