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  • New Subtitle Editor Features

    The subtitle editor hasn't had any big update in a long time, so I'm hoping for some new tools that can ease the work of subtitlers/segmenters regarding redundant tasks. Some tasks during subbing c...

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    [Solved] Hong Kong shows

    I noticed that all Hong Kong shows aren't available anymore and I wondered if they will be again some day in the future or if more licenses are planned? Another user had a similar question before: ...

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    Readability of icons on Android App

    I reported this problem before, but it hasn't been resolved yet: Some shows have title images with lots of white that make it hard to read the icons. I noticed this problem with Protect the Boss, b...

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  • Voting/suggesting for title and description in other languages

    What? There should be a tool that allows all the users to up or down vote translation for title and descriptions and in case also make another translation suggestion. The version with the most supp...

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