Viki should use its own captions render (like on the website) for apps and devices

Viki should interrogate  their own caption rendering engine. into Roku devices

When choosing the caption color white, it looks gray making it hard to read.

is is due to the way the CEA708 specification is written, color for captions is specified as a 6 bit value, letting the source pick from four levels of intensity for red, blue, and green. However, "white" in the spec is listed as (2, 2, 2), not (3, 3, 3), which means it's at 66% of maximum intensity. Roku has to comply with this for digital captions unless the source caption overrides it.
Roku's system was designed for basic closed captioning not with subtitled drama in  mind.
Netflix Amazon Hulu and many others already use there own subtitle systems and Viki has one of the best so please make this change 


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  • And one should add the problem with breaks. It seems that Roku doesn't recognize our break formatting, and runs words one after another if we haven't had the foresight to add a space after the break. 


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