Can viki be installed on Sony tv

I have viki account and want to install on Sony tv. How to do it?


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    Hi there,

    Thanks for writing in!

    I'm afraid that the Viki app cannot be installed on your Sony TV unless it runs Android TV OS.

    I'd like to suggest that you take a look at our apps page for more up to date information about all our Viki apps, including our Connected TV devices.

    I hope this helps!


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  • Hi Joshua,

    Any idea when or if it'll be possible to sign in on Rakuten TV as well since they also show (free) Viki Kdramas in the smart TV app?

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  • Hi sweetviv_447,

    Rakuten TV is a separate application from Viki and you will not be able to log in with your Viki account there or vice versa.

    However, Viki does have some content available for viewing there so you may watch it there if those titles interest you.

    Alternatively, you may watch our full collection of content on or our other apps.

    Hope this clarifies!


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