My troubles with the new video player

I have not turned it on and already do not like the i n v i t a t i o n.

Maybe it’s an illness of a subber.

But for me getting an invitation means I have 2 options:

  • I accept it - Hurray, I like to follow it!
  • I turn it down - No, I just don’t want to go there. I really don’t.

In the case of the new player it’s sink or swim.

There are no 2 options it’s like - Be happy to …

I am not happy. I am really not happy.

If there is no option say - try the new … experience the new… But don’t give me the illusion of a choice when this button is a dead end and doesn’t give the option of a u-turn.


I have a notebook, yes I know a small screen

This is what you do to me and others - how is this a good experience and I only started the video.
I stopped it and had to make sure that my selection for the size of the subtitles is still small and surprise this is small.


The next thing I do not like, yes I tend to have a lot of tabs open and all the tabs now besides of sub-editor and profiles show Rakuten, Rakuten, Rakuten, at least in the drama tab it would be nice to have the drama’s name.


Is there any difference between a full and that new small screen? In the past you could check on your inbox that way. You had a reason as a volunteer to watch drama with the small screen, but that advantage has now gone. Now youjust can’t. I just don’t get why make it that alike? Easier to handle for Viki staff? What is the reason for the new player, so ads can run better? That’s the only reason I would understand so far from the viewpoint of Viki.

As someone who is right-handed I wished that play, pause would switch place with the other options except for the full screen button I want that to stay where it is. But as I write it I kind of feel it’s unfair to left-handed people.

Because I need longer to read these “small” subtitles, I need to stop the video more often and move to the left side if perhaps my mouse was on the right side this “slide whatever you may call it” appears and even makes my pause longer - this is not the kind of viewing experience I wish anyone … Do something about that - P R E T T Y P L E A S E !!!

Viki - just for your information, this is no fun at all, and this comes from a rational, level-headed person.

If I get subtitles like this - look at the picture above
I need to pause the video because I will be slow in reading these big letters ...
And then, I am not able to avoid the “kindly meant input”
What drama I watch - I know that,
which episode - I know that
and that I paused the video - …
This function does not make any sense to me, if it comes after I let the video pause for let’s say more than 10-15 minutes, perhaps then it would make sense to me. In my case it makes reading the subtitles even harder, because it appears after a few seconds. If someone needed this in formation in that short time I would recommend a doctor's appointment because the short memory seems to have a problem.


I  searched for an old picture with good sized subtitles

You see this is so much more text I wonder how it looks like now but I can’t compare it since this drama is no longer available to me. Since this picture was not made for this purpose it shows not all the video but brings the information of where the subtitles are drama, episode number, time of the video. I can't access it any longer therefor can't see how it looks with the new video player.
I am curious though, if anyone has access  ... I wonder if the text now is over the whole picture.
You can't follow a drama story that way, it's ...
Why even bother with a smaller video player option, you can just add a button to start right away with full screen, because all the reason people were using the small one are gone.


How hard can it be to understand that you want to watch an episode in a reasonable pace, you want to follow the story not constantly stop the video, getting annoyed and move on. Or stop it for good and do something else to calm down again. I don’t think that is the intent of Viki.
Please the next time - make a beta version - get feedback and for once, take the feedback into account before launching the “new toy”.

That's all.

Or not, I forgot about the comments I put them on again since they weren't disturbing me at the old player. But now I turned them off again, with those big lettered subtitles if I were to have the comments on the screen too, why would I need the video picture, as I wouldn't be able to follow the story anyway, who wants to mention the play of the actors. I can't follow their mimic now. It's just so sad.

Edit: I thought I wouldn't need to ad anything but this morning I learned that there is. On the former video player there was a function I always turned off. I was glad to see there was no autoplay at the new player. I guess I was too rash. I have two realities at night, for one I want to try watching a drama episode and for the second I am often too tired to finish even one episode before sleeping. That's why would go back in the loaded episode and start again where I left it. No longer possible, since some have the problem other do not, either some like it or it's browser related. I use Mozilla Firefox. Anyway gladly I was at episode 14, so my computer only went on for another 2 hours. Don't let me think what would have happened if I just had started to watch the drama.

This is a waste of energy and I really detest wasting something. I am already not happy that streaming videos is such a high energy demanding thing. But before I go more into detail about that. As long as there is no solution to stop the "autoplay" I will break with my watching habits. As long as I have to re-load an episode that was already loaded I am going to stop watching like I used to.

Do something about it, because this kind of watching experience gives no pleasure.



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  • I saw an admin response on the community page that said the threads that get the most up-votes in the ideas forum (here) are the ones the company looks at. So every time you see someone who wants the same features you want (ditch new player, bring back comments section on each individual episode page, etc), then up-vote that post!

    The new player is a terrible user experience! 

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