List of completed shows watched

What features do you want? What does it do?

I would like there to be a check mark or any sort of button that will let you know "you have completed this series".

Why do you want this feature? How will it improve your experience?

This will help keep track of the shows that you have watched in the past and now.

Where would this feature be located?

This should be located beside the "follow" button on the show profile



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  • I use Collections for that. I have made collections of

    • the shows I've completed. 
    •  the ones I dropped because they were too lame. 
    • my favourite ones. 
    • the ones I want to see in the future. 
    • the ones I'm watching now. 

    I have all these collections in one place and it's very handy. 

    A button like the one you ask for might be buggy, it may not mark as "completed" because you didn't watch the ending credits of an episode, or you skipped the beginning song of another. 

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  • True it could be buggy but something similar would be nice, and putting them in a collection would be a bit to much for me but everyone has their own way of doing things.

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  • I would like to have a way to mark what I have already watched. My memory is not good enough to remember by title.

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  • I would just like to have a way to see what shows I've watched, completely or not.
    Collections would be nice but I would have to remember what I've watched to put them into a collection.

    A simple checkmark by each show watched would at least sort them from unwatched, and spare me starting a show over again, only to remember it after watching for awhile.

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  • I have been using a collection to group the shows that I have already seen and have been diligent to add one to the collection when finished but this does not keep them out of the recomendations for me to watch. I have been with VIKI for about 8 years and have a very large collection of already watched and it is still a problem.

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  • There is this thing. Even if you just left out the last few seconds, it doesn't consider that you've completed them. It shows them to me as "continue watching", for that reason. 
    Frankly nowadays I use MyDramaList for that purpose. It lets you make collections for watched, now watching, put on hold, dropped. Yes, when you first go there and want to have the old ones you watched in your collections, you have to search for them one by one and add them to the list. But after that it's easy peasy. And it helps me know which episode I'm on. 

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