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Learn mode on roku

Hi I would love to see the learn mode available on Roku. I just got a tv and was planning on using Viki to watch dramas instead of Netflix so that I could have the subtitles in both languages but unfortunately learn mode is not available.


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    • I just heard about the Viki learn mode from a Face Book friend. Is it available in the US?  I would love to be able to understand what is being said, rather than have to read subtitles that sometimes only 'flash' across the screen before I can read the whole thing.  I haven't seen a bullet or toggle named Learn Mode, so if you have it, where is it? Thanks.
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  • It is available in the US but as far as I can tell, only on the web platform. To access it, you need to go into the subtitles and chose learn mode on the show you want to watch. I think that it's only available on shows that already have translations in the two languages you want to see. 

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