Voting/suggesting for title and description in other languages


There should be a tool that allows all the users to up or down vote translation for title and descriptions and in case also make another translation suggestion. The version with the most support is used for the title and description. Kind of like a specific version of the one liner function in the past.

Viki provides those things for certain languages, but volunteers can't make changes.


Viki provides the title and description for shows in certain languages. Volunteers have no direct way of interacting with these translations. In order to harvest the collective intelligence of all users and through the collaborative effort, better translations can be achieved.

For example, there have been multiple instances where the German title was wrong or sounded weird and many German volunteers discussed better titles. But so far, none of these titles have been changed by Viki and my own request has been unsolved for multiple months. The translators hired by Viki often lack the understanding what the show is really about and provide less than perfect translations.

By allowing the community to interact and judge those titles, better solution will be found and titles that the majority of users agree on can be used. This would also help as a control and quality ensuring entity. 

If needed, Viki can still decide on the title in the end, but has a variety to choose from and feedback from volunteers.


This feature could be centralized in an extra window in the project finder, where people collect their language and can see a number of translated titles and vote on them.

Or on each channel, active volunteers (QC) have an icon next to the title, where they can vote or make suggestions.



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  • This is a great idea. 💡 There must be a change for the german translation in so many Drama titles.

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  •  also the sumaries should be better

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  • I don't agree with the suggestion that...

    [There should be a tool that allows all the users to up or down vote translation for title and descriptions and in case also make another translation suggestion. The version with the most support is used for the title and description. Kind of like a specific version of the one liner function in the past]


    There is a lot of people here that will give a downvote although the synopsis might have just very minor issues, and take credit for writing the whole thing. The ONE LINERS was the worst idea viki site had. I hope they never add the one liners here at this site.  People  were getting contribution counts for totally useless sentence.

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  • @... Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the one liners were terrible. Maybe you would have a suggestions to improve the title and description situation? I don't know if similar issues exist for the Spanish community, but in German there are some pretty embarrassing mistakes in some translations.

    I suggested this tool as a form that we volunteers can have some say in the title and description again. Since Viki has not responded to any request before to fix wrong titles and description (in German), I tried thinking about something that might be able to work for both Viki and the volunteers. If they don't listen to requests, I tried posting in the community idea sections :D

    Despite Viki stating that we can put a request to the Viki help center in case of wrong translations of title and description, there has been no action so far. Multiple German volunteers have put in request and I tried for months as well. So if Viki is still not fixing obvious grammar and spelling mistakes, it would be great if they could give the volunteers a bit of control back. The One Liner was obviously flawed but I thought if Viki has the option of multiple translations the staff or maybe the language mod could decide which one fits the best. So instead of Viki having to correct the wrong translations themselves they could just choose the correct one. This way Viki would also still hold some power in case of legal reasons.

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  • It's terrible how volunteers get ignored after they do so much for this site. I always say ''they bite the hand that feeds them''  I believe that SUBBERS ONLY that have proven that they are proficient enough in a language (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian ETC...) they can edit the synopsis and make sure the grammar and spelling are edited correctly. NOT the CM or Moderator in the drama should be able to apply to ''fix the synopsis.'' Why? They already have enough in their hands. GIve chance to the subbers to show their potential.

    Just like they appoint certain ppl.(CM/Moderators) to delete time comments/comments they should have volunteer subbers that can request to edit a synopsis and have FULL ACCESS to do so. WE ALL KNOW that subbers that are ''bad'' (not proficient enough) in any language, and use google translate WON'T be able to do the synopsis editing so they won't ''offer'' themselves to do that kind of work/assignment (unless they are cluelessly dumb).

    If by chance it's proven the person (subber) edited the synopsis with any use of translators, they must be punished by taking away 1,000 subtitle contribution and the BADGE in the language they claimed to be proficient enough to do that work. PUNISHMENT will deter this greedy and inconsiderate volunteers that want to give low quality work at this site for their own selfish reason.

    For example;  They should have a section where we can request to fix a synopsis and once we make that request a Rviki  staff, will appoint us/subbers to do the editing, and we will be responsible to provide QUALITY work in the title description. NOT PERFECT bc no one is perfect in this world. BUT DEFINITELY NOT DONE BY USE OF ANY KIND OF TRANSLATOR. Punishment should be a MUST, and REWARD also should be GIVEN, in the form of a BADGE called [TITLE BADGE].

    This is ONLY a suggestion and might not be the solution but at this point anything is better than the one liner, that had so many setbacks and created chaos, and contribution count to many who didn't deserve to have them at all. Hope I wrote this clear enough and PLEASE my suggestion here is not for a DEBATE whether if I'm right or wrong in suggesting this new method. 




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