Filter "BTS" and "ARMY" commentary on videos

Recently, there has been a flood of ARMY spam on every video I visit- when reading comments on videos, these comments are obnoxious and off-topic. It would be nice to have a filter to somehow stop these comments from appearing as they usually have nothing to do with Viki videos and create a hostile environment in the Comments sections of multiple series. 



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  • This is the job of the channel moderators. Write to them, they may shake up their lazy butt and do it. 

    It's very easy to do, too. The Manage Page has a Find feature (the usual CTRL+F) so you can find them in a jiffy and zap them. I do it all the time in the dramas where I am moderator.  Together with "subs" and all the variations of the F swearwords, BTS  and "army" are some of the keywords I search. 

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