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[Closed] For Italian fans like me.

Hello, I'm an Italian fan of Asian dramas, since I have problems with subtitles, you could not enter the audio in Italian or at least get them to dub as they did those of Netflix with My First First Love?



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  • No, this is impossible Viki is a place that offers the subtitle translations through volunteers, who live all over the world. Even it might be possible technically for some studios to record here and there. But at Viki we use a technic that lets us segment the videos and put subtitles into these segments.

    To give full joy with dubbing, professional actors/speakers should do this part. The timing is very hard to do for unprofessionals as well. But you would still need the translation for each language and you need a license for working on a content like this too.

    What are your problems with the subtitles, too fast for you to read, to small ..?

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