[Solved] Heart Surgeons: SBS Korean Drama. Restricted access in Australia from episode 9.

Episodes for the Korean SBS drama "Heart Surgeons" started to become available to Australian Viki subscribers on 26th Novemebr 2018 with 4 episodes released per week. The first 8 episodes released are still available for viewing but episodes 9 to 12 released this week cannot be viewed due to access restriction for Australian subscribers. 

Is this an error with the Viki website or did Viki lose the license for "Heart Surgeons" in Australia? If so, why are episodes 1 to 8 still available for viewing?

I have emailed Viki but their respond time is usually weeks given their large workload.

Is there anyone who can answer my question?



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  • Hello smywu_66,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention

    Heart Surgeons is available in Australia. The reason why you're not able to play the latest episodes seem to be an issue with the Viki website.

    I've alerted the team and they're looking into it. I'll update you once we fix it.

    In the mean time, what I can suggest is for you to watch on any Viki app you have as it seems to be only occurring for the Viki website.


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  • Hi Kristie,


    Thanks for responding.

    However, the problem is not just the Viki website, I am unable to watch the drama on the Viki app. on iOS or on the Apple TV (5th Generation). 

    Not only that, I have noticed the same problems with another drama today. The Chinese drama  "Like a Flowing river" is listing episodes but I am unable to view the video.

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  • Thanks for fixing the problem.


    Both dramas are now playing.

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  • Hi smywu_66,

    Glad to hear both dramas are back to normal!


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