Disable the PIN

Disable the Parental Control PIN!!!

Not everyone is a parent.

Some of us are actually in an all adult household!!!!

Do we need to just drop our subscriptions before you listen?



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  • This pin is so annoying!!! Really cant u just add an option in settings!!!

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  • Never should have been rolled out without the ability to disable!!

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  • No need to pay to be annoyed, glad I can find this programming from other sources

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  • I give up.

    I cancelled my "Viki Pass Plus Annual" subscription that I've had since 2020.

    They haven't added much new content that I like recently anyway.

    Waste of time when they don't listen on very basic playback issues.

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  • I want the PIN code to be disable too! This is ridiculous to make us type in a code with households with no children (even if we did, I should decide if it needs it, not you). Every time I leave a show and then go back into the show, it asks for the pin again. This is a super frustrating. If this doesn't get fixed quickly I'm also heading elsewhere for my Korean shows.

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