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Pretty sure many have duplicate posts on here. But for the love of God remove the stupid parental control pin, or at least have the option to enable or disable it all together. I have Viki literally for my elderly father and his memory isnt great. So have him have to do this is extremely dumb. Ive been with Viki since the start. Almost 7 years and have no idea why you have removed this function. 



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  • It is super frustrating and Viki is just ignoring user complaints about this - I am an adult with no children in the house, parental controls should have been an opt in feature!

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  • Oh man, how I agree. It's totally annoying. There are no kids in my house, and I have to enter a PIN for every dang episode. STOP THE MADNESS and give us the option in settings to disable the parental control PIN

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