[Closed] why does it keep asking me to disable ad blocker when i already did?

I'm on Firefox trying to watch a drama but a few seconds into the episode it keeps asking me to turn off my ad blocker. The first time it asked me, I turned off the enhanced tracking protection thing Firefox has because that's pretty much the only thing I have on here, I have no extensions installed. So I turned it off and it refreshed the page immediately and I got two ads and the show started playing and then a few seconds later I was asked to turn off my ad blocker. This was when I double checked to make sure I definitely did not have any other extensions and then refreshed the page. Same thing happened again I got two ads and then a screen that says please disable ad blocker.



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    Hi rhenagab_938,

    Thanks for writing to us with your Adblocker issue.

    We will be reaching out to you privately via a ticket on the Help Center shortly so we can gather more information about this issue.

    Please help to respond there too as this post will be closed to prevent multiple requests confusion.


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