[Closed] Running Man episodes gone!?

One of the biggest issues I face with Viki is their lack of communication with users. How could you remove 5 years of Running Man content with no explanation or warning to subscribers? Can you please tell us why the episodes were removed and if you have any intention of putting them back up as this will seriously impact my decision to renew my subscription or not?


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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you for getting in touch with Viki Community Support!

    We’re afraid that the episodes of the shows that you're looking for are no longer available on Viki in your region and we really appreciate your understanding.

    We hope that helps clear things up. If you have other concerns, feel free to write to our Help Center at

    Thank you,


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  • I came here to write the same thing. I was in the middle of an arc, and now it's just gone! I'm very frustrated. If we had been warned in advance I could have at least finished out the arc. 

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  • I am experiencing the same problems and it is so frustrating! I was in the middle of watching Old episodes of both Running Man and Law of the Jungle and when I came back to watch the next episodes, I noticed that they were all missing and noticed that a lot of them have since been deleted. I am so disappointed by these changes and would really like an answer as to what's going on and if they're planning to bring these episodes back?

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  • Hi. I was about to ask the same question in regards to the many deleted episodes. I don’t understand the lack of communication with the subscribers. Hope ALL of the episodes will return or that Viki will at least explain themselves.

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