[Closed] Cheer up video screwed up

Cheer up video is not playing. Instead a different cheer type drama is showing. The cheer up subtitles are correct though. So, video for one drama (wrong one) and subtitles for the correct video. Thoughts on how to fix?


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    Hello harrington3940_26,

    Thank you for contacting us with your concern.

    We have seen your ticket in our Help Center and it's already being attended to. We will close this to avoid the confusion of multiple requests.

    Have a nice day!



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  • Try to play “Cheer Up” 2022 and viki plays “Cheer Up!” 2015. Still get the “Cheer Up” 2022 subs, so it’s a screwed up mess. Happens on both my Apple TV app and my iPhone app. 12 hours later and still not fixed. Go to episodes, click on an episode, and the wrong version plays.

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