[Closed] False review of my posted review

Someone marked my review of "She and Her Perfect Husband" as inappropriate. It has been removed from public even though it had 5 thumbs up. I believe the person was offended by me asking others to be patient. Here is my review. Please make it available to me to edit it or decide that it is not inappropriate.

"First, if the episode is up and subtitles are not ready, do not put in the timed comments, "subtitles please". Be patient like the rest of us and wait. :) With that said: Love the chemistry of these two!! Love the writing, drama, and comedy! Looking forward to seeing more!."

That is my review in its entirety. 



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    Hi there,

    We noticed that you have an open ticket with us on the Help Center and we'll be closing this to prevent confusion of multiple requests.

    Our team will be reaching out to you as soon as possible.

    Hope this helps!


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