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Idea to enhance the new Learn Mode

I am really happy to see the new learn mode. It was an awesome surprise as I was rewatching an older drama. 

I would like to suggest an enhancement to the feature. Literal translation. The sentence structure in the Korean language can be different from many other languages, it would be helpful in this mode if the translations were literal as to allow learners to start to understand how sentences should be structured in Hangul. I feel that practicing understanding the correct Hangul structure in a person's mother tongue can be very beneficial to the learning experience. 

I would also like to suggest the titles: Fated to Love you, Secret Garden, and Tomorrow With You; for future titles to utilize this feature on. 

I really appreciate the new feature and everything done to keep us watching. 



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    Hi there troinikki_220, 

    This feature is currently not being planned. There are some exciting and helpful things coming to Learn Mode in the future so stay tuned! 

    Thanks again for your suggestion. 


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  • I don't agree that it would be a good idea. 

    1. It adds one more hassle to subbers, who are already very few and overworked.

    2. It adds another subtitle strip. If the sub is already 2 lines or 3 lines, the whole thing would take up half of the browser window.

    3. It's not useful anyway. If you know how to read Korean, and you are a learner, even if in your first year, you see right in front of your eyes the sentence structure so why is this needed?

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  • 1. I can understand this, but if there are subbers who are willing and available it would be a great asset.

    2. It wouldn't actually add another strip. The literal translation, meaning the literal sentence structure and the hangul would be the only strips just as it is now. 

    3. I actually disagree as a learner. It is very helpful, as I said in my original post, to see how the sentence is structured. Especially with English (and eventually Latin languages as they come available) which are very different. As you learn you already start to think of the sentence structure in your mother tongue. With the translation already there it can help those as they start to formulate sentences. 


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