Improvements in the Explore page

1. SHOW WHICH SHOWS ARE FREE TO WATCH without either vikipass or vikipass plus

It is possible (I'm not sure) that if one is a free user, only free shows licensed to your region will be shown (this already happens in Search: what you cannot watch doesn't show up). In that case you might say that what I'm asking for is redundant.
However, this is very useful when one wants to recommend good shows to a newcomer and also when we have some new volunteer who has no vikipass and is not a QC. 

Where to put it? Here:


The option to filter shows by year was very useful to many of us and I would like to see it back. 

With the new overhaul of the Explore page, the only thing that is left is "on air" and "upcoming". These are not bad, but then we should also have "Completed airing" and then the years. 
You don't want a long long list of all years one by one? Then do it by decades: 1920s,  1930s, 1940s and so on up to 2010s. I would still suggest to do the last five years one by one.
OR if you don't want a drop-down list, just let us input the year by hand.

Why? "Completed" or "Already aired" is useful for people who want to watch something which is already complete, because they don't like waiting for days and they would like to be able to binge-watch a show. So they don't want to be shown any show which is not available in its entirety.
It is also useful for new subbers who want to build up their 3000 subs to become QCs, to find older shows. 
And of course, we sometimes want to make comparison charts, how many shows from each country in each year... 

Where to put it? Here, where it was before:


This might sound a bit weird, but I'd like to see a list of videos which DON'T have subtitles of a certain language. To me as a volunteer this is much more useful than videos which do. For instance, shows with no English subs, with no Italian subs and so on. This would save TONS of time to every volunteer out there who is looking for projects to work on! 

Where to put it?

a. Probably as a submenu of the main SUBTITLES menu. I'm not very sure how. Maybe besides each language put a + and a - ? But I'm sure your designers would find a nice way!

b. Alternatively, it could be a subset of the Project Finder page. 
In theory this is already available in infamous Project Finder. But not really! Because the Project finder results are full of dramas which may lack translation in the last couple of episodes, most often only one last episode of a currently airing drama, or one of the trailers which has been overlooked! But even if there are more unsubbed episodes, it's still not useful, since most of these dramas already have a team, they just haven't finished the subbing yet. So they probably wouldn't take a new person on the team. 

What we want is dramas that haven't been subbed at all, not one or two episodes or a trailer. This would be most useful for moderators looking for their next project. 

Now to find an unsubbed show you have to open the shows one by one, go to the first episode to check and if a translation of your language is there (the info on the main page is notoriously wrong, 100% might mean 100% of only the first episode!) also go to the last episode to make sure, or switch content language from the bottom of the page and then open the page with the full episodes list, where you can see all percentages in your language. Extremely unefficient and time-consuming.




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    Hi there!

    Thank you for your suggestions! I'll be addressing request #1for the purpose of the Planned tag added above. 

    We are in the process of adding a Free filter on Explore very soon! 

    Not Planned:

    For request #2, the year filter was removed due to lack of use. There was a very small percentage of use, of course, but not enough to warrant it to stay. For the time being, it was removed to make space for the Viki Pass filter. We will be looking into bringing this back in the future, but no promises. 

    For request #3, this is something we want to address via Project Finder improvements, rather than Explore filters for the time being. 

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  • First I have to say, I typed - explore shows - and nothing showed, so I started a topic with that title and now irmar's post showed. I wished in general Viki filters would work more precise.


    Back to the topic - Your number 2 is my number 1 - a search for the airing year would be great, I want it back, I am not to pleased with a decade range, 5 years f.e. 2001-2005, or 2006-2010 would be my limit.

    Or at least an alphabetic order.

    And, not or, the option to differ from tv shows, such as dramas and variety. If I watch something, I watch drama, I don't like to read through all the DIY channels and such.

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  • Wonderful! Someone has actually read this and given it thought! I'm almost crying there. 

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  • This is something we're looking into doing way more frequently, every quarter. This is just the start :) 



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  • How is the development so far and the next changes?

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