[Closed] Will Viki adress this problem?

Hi, there!

This seems to no longer be the case, even if Viki advertises it as the main model of translation:

In most cases, by now, English translations are done first by paid subbers, who in some cases do communicate with the volunteer teams or at least respect the team memos, so some translation mistakes are avoided in the first place.

In other cases, they just do their thing, and the volunteers are left with more edit work than needed.

Now mainly Korean and Chinese to English translators can hardly find a project, in the past it was the other way around, when Viki started to "flood" the platform over the months. It seems like now you are starting to abandon the volunteer community that has grown over the years and yes, made Viki popular.

And in "Viki style", should I name it this way, as it is nothing to be proud of, Viki information is zero. In the next weeks and months, many of your former essential "helpers" will lose their QC status. Is it a calculated loss? Do you sort the wheat from the chaff? Is there a reason behind your action other than viewer's demand for fast subs? With Viki not communicating it only raises the speculations and it won't stop with the English community, other language community members have grown tired over the past months and years of "Viki's policy of avoidance" of problems, the lack of communication or addressing problems of volunteers be it technical or other problems in general.

If Viki does not address that matter, it will be only a matter of time until the distrust in the community will grow even more. Will you find paid translators for all language, or possibly will it go down to the 10 languages you featured on the main page? Is Viki a certificated company that openly shares it goals?

One thing I can tell, by the few paid translations I got to see: the former "Asian accent" is gone. The one thing that you once promoted as bringing down cultural barriers and making it easier to understand a foreign culture, goes more and more missing.

I understand that the market Viki is operating in is a tough one, and there is a lot of competition. I once made this proposal before, why not make two English subtitles available, one done by professionals and one by volunteer members? You even have 3 different kinds of Chinese subtitles available, so why not?

Viewers can choose what they prefer.

Volunteers can still volunteer.

A classical win-win solution, just a bit of extra work for the techies. Well okay, a bit of more data.

It would be nice to get a few answers, I don't even dream of getting a reply to all my questions.

I wish Viki the best for the future.




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    Hi lutra,

    Thanks for providing your feedback! I will create a ticket and pass it on to the relevant team so your concerns are shared with them.

    If you have further questions or comments, please respond to that ticket as well. 

    Thank you,

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