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Latest activity by deireadh_f0mhair
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    Yes that’s the issue. It happens on every video I watch so there’s no specific video. Although I did send a diagnostic on a show it was happening on. 

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    [Solved] Malfunctioning

    hi, my viki account has been malfunctioning for a week and it hasn’t been fixed yet.  I paid money so I could watch dramas and despite me contacting viki to fix the problem it’s still happening and...

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  • deireadh_f0mhair님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    [Closed] Video out of sync

    everytime I watch a drama it begins to repeat a scenes. And then the subtitles become out of sync. The longer I watch the video the more out of sync the subtitles becomes. I have tried lots of dram...

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