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Latest activity by medawara_32
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    The only downside is it seems I have to do that with every show that I was having an issue with and if I leave the ap and come back to an episode I fixed earlier later i have to redo those steps. G...

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    Holy crap, that worked! I had hit the * and gone to accessibility & captions to check that English was on before posting but never thought to look for a second English. Thank you!!! You're the best!

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    [Closed] Subtitles not working on viki roku

    Until a few days ago the subtitles worked great on the roku viki app. Now not so much. For example: end of the world ep 1->5 eng subtitles but not for ep 6 though it says 99% en. Advancs bravely fo...

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  • medawara_32님이 에 댓글을 입력함

    Well this sucks that even months later the same issues persist. I assume by now this is the "new normal" and not going to be fixed. I paid for this service mainly for convenience. A lot of the show...