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littlefoot302_170의 최근 활동
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    [Solved] Bring It On Ghost- Subtitles Out of sync

    I tried fixing it by refreshing and restarting the browser but it is still out of sync. The subs are a couple mintues ahead of the video. They were fine until episode 7. I managed to get through ep...

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  • [Closed] Won't load

    Episode 2 of marriage not dating wont load for me. It is stuck on a black screen with the loading circle. I tried refreshing and it didn't work. Ads are working and so are other episodes just not ep2

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  • [Solved] Video stuck on loading screen

    I have been watching Mad dog for a while but suddenly it stopped loading. The screen is black with the loading circle but nothing is happening. I tried logging out, closing and reopenning, restarti...

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