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Latest activity by Ummu
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    Hi everyone, Our engineers have gotten back to us and this subtitles issue on Roku has been fixed. Please try to log out and log back in to your Viki account on your Roku device before trying again...

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    Hi everyone,  We are sorry that you're experiencing issues with the subtitles while watching newly added episodes/movies on Roku.  For the time being, we have found a workaround that you can try so...

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    Hi everyone,Thank you for your patience with us. All the concerns from this thread has been relayed to our team and we’ve tried hard to address each and every single one of...

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    iOS 13 및 이전 버전에 대한 지원 중단

    Apple 모바일 장치 및 애플 TV에 대해 iOS 13과 tvOS 13 및 이전 버전에 대한 지원이 곧 종료됩니다. 최신 버전의 Viki 앱을 다운로드할 수 있도록 iOS 및 tvOS 소프트웨어를 버전 14 이상으로 업데이트하십시오. 여기 에서 iOS 소프트웨어를 업데이트하는 방법, 및 tvOS 소프트웨어를 업데이트하는 방법 을 찾아보실 수 있습니다...

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  • Ummu님이 에 댓글을 입력함
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    Hello chibi_devil08_421,Thanks for writing to us with your concern. We will be reaching out to you via a ticket on the Help Center shortly to better address your issue. Please help to respond there...

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    Hello all,We’re sorry to hear that some of you are still not able to install the Viki app on your Chromecast with Google TV device.This is a known issue. We have informed Google of this and they ha...