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Latest activity by urbangleaner56_796
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    I am using Amazon kindle fire tablet - not Google chrome. The site comes up.but when I try to watch a video, I only get a black screen, no rotating circle. I have a premium subscription. I have the...

  • urbangleaner56_796님이 에 댓글을 입력함

    It's going on now, just started today. Green screen audio only. Both My Fair Prince-ep 8- and Love is Science-ep14. I haven't tried any other programs because I'm tierd and I need to eat. And I hav...

  • urbangleaner56_796님이 에 게시물을 만듦


    I accidentally hit the button for the Watch Party, which I do NOT want to do, but now I can't find out how to turn it off/cancel it. HELP!

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