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Latest activity by tweet998
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    it can. you can find a button for that in Subscription and Settings if you're watching on a web browser. But I don't know about other browsers

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    Better Ad Timing

    When people without Viki Pass watch videos on Viki, the ads may appear at absolutely annoying places, in the middle of a song, in the middle on an important scene, or mid-sentence. which can cause ...

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    I totally agree. The inbox here is an absolute disaster. 

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    Drama Titles in all Languages

    Viki currently only allows Show titles and descriptions to be in certain languages only. That does not allow the people who don’t speak any of these language to easily find the show they’re looking...

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    well, I would like to suggest also sending notifications for people who are following the show or if it's on their watch later collection, so we can know to hurry up and watch without having to che...