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Latest activity by vikilar
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    Viki has a fine library and website, but its Roku app is NG!  Six months now and the prior version 2 still outperformed the new v3.  I once mused about why this might be so.  My post vanished, so I...

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    Here's something you should know about canceling your Viki subscription:  you are canceling your next renewal.  Your current subscription continues until then.  At least it's SUPPOSED to.  When I c...

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    My thoughts exactly, lenlen143.  I just canceled my Viki Pass Plus subscription.  It's just a shame, but I don't think Viki is listening or even cares.

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    [Closed] Adding/Editing Reviews

    In the "Write a review for" panel, I can select the number of stars, click [SUBMIT], and it works.  However, when I type a review in the "Add a review" box and then click [SUBMIT], nothing happens....

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