Started watching kdrama right after start of Covid 7/20. Haven't stopped ever since. Recently, I have been on a quest to see the classic series to see how kdrama all began. With RViki it has been a breeze. Can't get out of the 2000-2010 decade. And for that I am grateful. Can't wait to see what more the never ending, hard working, cast, directors and staff of kdrama/RViki has in store.

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    Moving the Watchlist from the second row to 10 is the most absurd adjustment I have seen so far. Move it back. It is a pain in the royal you know what to have to search for the Watchlish when it wa...

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    I understand why you did it now but there is only one Watchlist and the rest (about 30 rows) are new content and more. Moving the Watchlist will not affect searching for new content since there are...

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    I noticed on Queen Insoo "Hahm Eun-jung" did not appear under cast. You would think since the title is Queen Insoo and she played the younger version of Queen Insoo for the first 20 episodes she wo...

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    It's been 3 days my "Continue Watching" has not updated as well. Watching "3 Lives 3 Worlds: The Pillow Book" and it has stayed at episode 21. I am on episode 29 and all the previous episodes show ...