How many positions for a moderator are valid?

We asked for Viki to verify and change the following posts.


Since depending on a volunteer's status you can have 1 to 9 project as a moderator at a time, which we think is too much, but Viki is the one to give out the guidelines, but they do not match here.

Can you please even out this discrepancy for the Gold QC as one post states 5 and the other 9 positions? The last time we had an update was 3 weeks ago, that it would be discussed. Is there a solution by now?

Oh, and maybe you can outline who is responsible, for checking on the project numbers, does the CM need to check or do we need to trust the moderator not to take on more projects?




  • Yes, Viki, people are confused!
    And please don't just give a number of moderations. Projects are not all the same length, they don't require the same amount of time and effort. Consider

    • a 100-minute film
    • a 6-episode (15-minute episodes) web drama
    • a 16-episode (1-hour episodes) drama
    • a 50-episode family drama
    • a never-ending reality show 

    How can all these possibly count the same?
    And what happens with projects where you have been given the moderator role but are stalled because of license issues for who knows how much or because the English team has abandoned them?

    I think the guideline should be more nuanced than "X number of projects". 
    Since you're taking your time thinking about the question, it would be good if you could take into account this aspect as well. 


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  • Please, this is such an important matter and no reaction so far.

    This is leaving so much potential for disharmony in the community, and we don't get any feedback at all. Can we prepare ourselves to get some news at Christmas, or next year?

    When will you re-organize these contradictory "rules"?

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  • So no adjustments have been made other than naming the volunteer guidelines now contributor guideline.

    Are we back at square one?

    I feel like we are going round in circles.

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  • End of the month, and wow we are getting so much information from Viki.

    So, Viki was busy, then there is the subathon, and there was maintenance, I understand it all ...

    But do you understand us?

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  • Did Viki decide on any changes?

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