Family accounts

I think it would be a great idea to have family accounts. Families/friends can share a singular account, save money by only having to pay for one account, and the kids can have their own private things on their account. Please take my idea into consideration x


  • Please add at least 3 profiles for the same account.  Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Apple +, Disney +, etc offer several profiles. Viki should listen to suggestions from customers. But I am sure you do not care. 


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  • I think having multiple profiles are a MUST for any streaming service. My mom, sister, and I share an account now, but we all watch different shows or the same at different paces. I cannot describe the frustration when we are all watching the same show, and one of us is way ahead and another is going slow and have to find the specific place where we left off by guess and check. 

    I also think this would improve and help incorporate a "suggestions" page, which would be more catered to each profile and encourage more watching.

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