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You have made a terrible decision to remove the History and replace it completely with Continue Watching.  I frequently have people come over and watch something with me I have watched before.  Since all episodes were already watched exactly where I was can no longer be determined.  


I was part of your test interviews for the changes to come and I made it very clear how important the History was to me.  You have made it much harder to use Viki.  I am a huge fan of your site and very disappointed.




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    Hi all,

    Thanks for writing in to us.

    'Watch History' is no longer available on Viki, instead you may find your watched shows under 'Continue Watching'. 

    This can be found on your homepage and will help you find where you left off or what you were watching faster :)

    With that said, we will still forward your feedback to the relevant teams so they are aware of what our users need/want. 

    • If you haven't already, feel free to request new features on Viki on Viki Ideas! Remember to read the guidelines before posting.

    • If you have any technical issues with current features, please send details (screenshots included) to our Help Center at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Hope this helps!


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  • I too have a long list of Continue Watching.  I do not always watch all episodes of a series until I have completed the show.  I take breaks from currently watching programs to check out newer or even older shows I haven't watched before or in a long time.  I then would go to my Continue Watching List to pick up where I left off on a program.  Disabling this feature, which I found one the the more useful feature, has put me and I am sure many many other users at a huge lost.  I hope that this feature can be made available just as it used to be in the past so that I may once again enjoy the many great Asian movies and programs here on Viki that I have come to love and enjoy.  So please reconsider making this available again.

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  • I hope that you can bring back Watch History.  I have difficulty with my short term memory and sometimes can't remember which show's I've watched or haven't finished watching and Watch History helped me remember.  Please bring it back and thank you for reading this message.

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  • This stupid. I need watch history. As of June 6, 2020. My watch history and the watch list are gone.

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  • Please bring back watch history.. I would often go back and look at the history of what I've watched and write it in my diary, on the exact day I watched it.  Now I can't see the break down anymore and its disappointing because if I dont write it down right away I will forget which days I watched which shows.  It really was a helpful thing and I'm sad its gone.  

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  • Continue watching is an okay feature, but watch history should not have been gutted.  I like options.  Give options, do not take them away.  

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  • I just want to ask that the decision to remove watch history be reversed. I understand that probably during a recent *oom meeting, a person or persons unknown. From either a lack of sleep or delirium or both. And under great pressure to submit new ideas came up with the suggestion to delete watch history. It probably seemed like I knew and radical idea when they said "just think, most streaming services provide a watch history. BUT if we get rid of the watch history then we'll really stand out as different!" Let's pause right here because this is where Steve Carell should have been told to sit back down.

    Please be assured we've all made mistakes before. But... perhaps this is the first time you've made a mistake and you don't know what to do. Be assured the best course of action is to immediately rectify the situation by restoring watch history. And also only having these meetings after plenty of sleep.

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  • Please bring back Watch History. Continue Watching is necessary for shows that you’re currently watching, but I want to be able to go back and find shows I’ve already completed to find similar shows/rewatch/etc. and I can’t remember them all. I don’t keep all my completed shows in Continue Watching because that area gets overloaded and hard to navigate. Both categories are necessary. 

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  • I too miss the watch history.

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