Please make the TV Guide navigatable again

The TV guide used to be one of my favorite features of your website. 

Looking for a new drama? Let's check the TV guide and see what's starting this week.

How often is that new Chinese drama posting shows right now (should I start watching now or wait another few weeks before binging)? Look it up on the TV guide

Why aren't new episodes of my favorite drama showing up? I know today is the day. Is it an error? Is there an issue with the video? Sometimes the ep. is just airing that week due to holidays or other reason - the TV guide is a quick an easy way to check and see if I should expect to see it this week. 

I know I can Google search the page directly. I can also save it in my bookmarks. But that's not the issue. Why are you hiding this amazing feature when you are still supporting it? 



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