[Closed] Resume episode causes one second loop

I'm having an issue with ALL of the shows I am currently watching. There seems to be a glitch in the "resume episode" feature, causing a one second loop that plays, reloads to the beging of the second, plays, reloads to the beginnign of the second, plays, reloads... you get the picture. I am unable to skip to any other point in the episode, for more than a second without it automatically resuming where it thinks I last left off. Other less important issues are that the return button in the upper left corner are missing, and there is a blue (selection/highlight?) box around the entire page that I can not remove, even with key commands. I have restarted my computer, cleared my cookies, updated everything that was already up to date, logged in and logged out. I'm out of ideas, I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks. 



  • I have the looping 2-second scenes also, tried everything the OP did. I want to watch my drama please fix it soon.

    Edit: I was able to fix it by going into my Viki account's history and deleting the episode it was looping on. It got rid of the "resume episode" feature and you start from the beginning.

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  • I fixed it by going to an unmentionable website to finish the episode, and being sure not to stop in the middle of anything. Thanks for letting me know how to fix it!!!

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  • Hi both,

    Thanks for highlighting this loop issue to us!

    We will be reaching out to you via a ticket on the Help Center shortly so as to gather more information about the issue and your devices.

    Please help to respond there too as this post will be closed to prevent multiple requests confusion.


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