[Closed] The video failed to load

Error message: THE VIDEO FAILED TO LOAD. ERROR CODE: 30 (MEDIA FAILED TO LOAD) I am not able to play ANY videos on my TV using chromecast. I have rebooted chromecast, rebooted wifi, deleted and reinstalled Viki, and rebooted the phone. I have tried casting from my iPhone and iPad. Viki will connect to my TV but it will not play any videos.


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    Hi there!

    We're really sorry about this! Our engineers are working on a fix at the moment and we'll provide an update as soon as we can.

    I'd like to suggest that you follow this post for updates.

    Thank you,

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  • I have exactly same problem this evening! Iphone/ipad both trying to connect to chromecast and viki video loading failed “error code 30”.
    Rebooted chrimecast & re-downloaded viki app to both my devices. Youtube and other apps work on chromecast. Viki app is having an issue tonite?

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  • I also am having the same problem this evening! It is not loading on my computer and I have tried a few different ways to get the videos to play and still it is not working.


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