better compatibilities for the android app

I would really appreciate, if the Viki app for android would have a higher compatibilty rate for TV's and TV Boxes. It neither works on my Samsung TV, which is quite new, nor on a newly buyed Android TV-BOX, with Android 9.0.

For my Samsung TV i had to buy a Fire TV Stick and had to spend 60,--€ only because to get the possibilty to watch Viki. I didn't needed it for any other reason. Any other streaming service apps work fine on my TV. Now i have to deal with two RC's which is so annoying.

Also for my other TV, an older one, with no smart functions, i bought an Android TV Box, and again, the Viki app isn't compatible.

On my phone it works fine, but looking dramas on the phone is a pain in the a**.

Why is it such a big problem to build a working app? It wouldn't be such a big problem, when i would be able to watch it on android using a browser, but the Viki Site redirects me always to the Play Store.

That's so annoying.



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