[Solved] Watch History has disappeared and English subs stopped working

Like others my English subs have stopped appearing. As well, my Watch History just disappeared.



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    Hi there!

    We're so sorry about this but we're glad to let you know that this issue is now resolved.

    Thank you so much for your patience and kind understanding.


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  • Hi there, I cannot log in using my facebook log in identity. Everything was working fine, until now. At first I was watching , " An Oriental Odyssey ". That's when everything went down. I couldn't get any english subs, from Episode 10 and on. So, I decided to reboot my Nexus system, go back to Viki and log in there and got a messager, " Oh no, something went wrong on our end."                                                                                         
    So if you could help me on both ends, logging in and getting the subtitles back on, that will be awesome.
    Barry Wong
    P.S. I got the log in feature to work, but the subtitles are not working.
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